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Hello! I am Lourdes and together with my family we own hygge hearths.

We are passionate about the recovering and restoration of buildings with history. Preserve the essence of the building and respect its personality as much as possible. The fusion of the old that makes it special and the modern touch functional.

The concept of Scandinavian life and Nordic style decoration are the basis of our project. We know a lot about it, we lived in Copenhagen for seven years and it was there that we fell in love with its way of understanding and enjoying life: simple, comfortable and relaxing plans; to a good sunny place or with good company.

This way of doing things applies to all levels of life, which is why their homes are characterized by functional designs, simple décor, warm colors, neutral colors and textures, and lots of exterior light.

We work according to the philosophy "hygge", Danish word without translation that defines all this movement of life.

We create and offer cozy, quiet accommodation, where every corner is designed to be at ease. Offering the highest quality possible during your stay.

Hygge Hearths


Hygge Hearths

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