Next to Banyoles, but already in the region of La Garrotxa, there are two very unique small villages worth visiting: Besalú and Castellfollit de la Roca.



You have probably seen the image of the Romanic bridge in Besalú in a movie or advertisement. Without a doubt It is one of the most beautiful images in Catalonia. And is that the Medieval Historic set of Besalu is one of the best preserved in our area, and stroll through it,s alleys and squares will be like taking a trip to the past. Crossing the majestic bridge over the river Fluvià, you will enter the old fortress that still houses 12th-century historic buildings, such as the monastery of Sant Pere, the church of Sant Vicenç or Casa Cornellà. You can also tour the Jewish quarter and visit the Micvé or ritual bathing house, as well as going down to the river to contemplate it Romanic bridge from another perspective. Despite being small, Besalú has a lot of restaurants where to eat or have a bite, as well as with shops of all kinds.

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What makes Castellfollit de la Roca unique and spectacular is that the old town stands on one basaltic cliff 50 meters high almost one kilometer long on the river Fluvià. At the far end of the cliff is a magnificent viewpoint with a breathtaking panorama of the valley and the Renaissance church of Sant Salvador. From the top of the bell tower you can see the ancient Village from a more aerial perspective. We also recommend going down to the catwalk on the Fluvià to have another view of Castellfollit de la Roca and the cliff.

Get your camera ready and your cell phones fully charged so that if you visit Besalú and Castellfollit de la Roca, you will not stop taking pictures!

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