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The city of Figueres, capital of the Alt Empordà, is inextricably linked to the figure of Salvador Dalí Just 34 kilometers from Banyoles, spending a day in Figueres is a good optionfor art lovers staying at the tourist apartments in Ca l'Espardenyer.

Visiting the Dalí Theater-Museum is a unique experience that will allow you to delve into the exceptional world of this renowned artist and maximum exponent of surrealism. And is that Dalí Theater-Museum not only hosts a wide range of works from all his artistic career,rather, the space itself and its rooms were designed by Dalí.

However, although the Dalí Theater-Museum is surely Figueres's main tourist attraction, it is not it's not the only one. We also recommend you visit the Castle of Sant Ferran, the period fortress Europe's largest modern building, erected in the 18th century with a capacity for 4,000 men, and the Museum of the Toy of Catalonia, with more than 4,000 toys, some of which belonged to famous personages.

In addition, the tourist office of Figueres proposes different itineraries to discover the city from a historical or modernist point of view.

Or you can simply let yourself be carried away and enjoy the Figueres atmosphere while strolling through the streets and squares of the center. The weekly market is held in Plaza de Catalunya and Plaza del Gra, meanwhile you can stop at the Town Hall Square and at the Church Square to have a bite on one of its lively terraces. But the most emblematic urban space of Figueres is the Rambla, surrounded by buildings of all architectural styles: Baroque,neoclassical, eclectic, modernist, noucentist... There are for all tastes.

And if you want to walk or rest in a green area you have the Parc Bosc, which is over a hundred years old and is a very popular recreation area for Figuerencs.

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