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Banyoles and Pla de l'Estany are Sports Tourism Destinations, that is to say, they have high quality resources for tourists who want to practice sports activities. In addition to hiking and cycling / mountain biking, which we talk about elsewhere on the web, you can also rowing, canoeing, swimming, horseback riding and participating in running and triathlon races.

Rowing is, without a doubt, king sport. And is that Banyoles hosts national and international rowing championships  and was the Olympic rowing seat at the Barcelona'92 Olympic Games. The Lake of Banyoles, with a length of 2,134 meters and calm waters, it is ideal for rowing. Teams from all over the world train there. In the same way, canoeing enthusiasts will have the same resources and equipment that rowing and a fabulous environment to practice this sport.

L'Estany de Banyoles is also the ideal place for swimming. If you are coming to the apartments Ca L’Espardenyer in September, you can even participate in the swimming Travessia de l'Estany.

You can also go horseback riding to discover the surroundings while practicing this sport. There are for all levels. Riding also has a long tradition in Banyoles and good evidence is number of clubs and entities involved.

Running is a very simple and complete sport that has become very fashionable in recent years. The Banyolins are fortunate enough to be able to practice running around the lake. You can do it too ¡¡ In addition, you can participate in the races that are organized in different times of the year, such as the half marathon, usually in March.

And if we said that Banyoles is ideal for swimming, cycling and running, then it is a must neither the triathlon. The swimming lane enabled in the Banyoles lake, 500 meters long, and the different cycling and mountain biking routes and wooded paths in the area allow for various trials of Triathlon, beeing popular or professional.

Sport is very present in Banyoles and we are proud of it!

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